This is so exciting news! I had read about the 1st NOA and the 2nd NOA, but I didn’t realise the importance of both of them.

Gio has been wanting to check the process every day since he sent the K1 Visa Package, but I suggested him to check it every 2 to 3 weeks to have more chances to actually see an update.

Last night he suggested me to check the process, so we did (even though we planned on checking it next week). And guess what we saw! We received an update! Due the similar sentences they write (more like a Copy Paste thing), I thought we were still on the same step: “Case received”, but I read it again and again until Gio finally convinced me that it was different. Now the status was saying “My Case was Approved”!

We were so happy to see an update. It took 26 days after the 1st NOA to get the 2nd one, so I think things are going faster than expected thank God!
Everything was so exciting, but we had a doubt. What did Approved mean?… After doing a research online, it seems like an important step because now the files are going to the National Visa Center and then to my country for the interview.

I am thrilled. 

We got the 2nd NOA, what’s next now?
In 10 days Gio will call to the National Visa Center to make sure they received our case. After that, we just have to wait from 2 to 5 weeks to be contacted by the US Embassy in my country, and schedule the interview!

While I wait for that to happen, I will be gathering the police information and the paperwork they ask for the interview.

As a side note…I still don’t know if it’s possible to get a RFE (Request For Evidence)  even after the 2nd NOA. I hope it’s not.



The best seconds of my life!

The best seconds of my life!

I’ve been thinking about writing this post since he popped the question, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share the story without the proposal video or wait until the video was ready.
I cannot wait more to write about everything is happening so here I am, writing that I GOT ENGAGED!! It was so crazy and unreal, unexpected while I was expecting it. Let me tell you everything about it.

It all started a year ago when he bought the ring. He had the talk with my dad during his last Christmas visit (Dec 2014). I know they had a conversation in private but I thought he only told my dad that he eventually wanted to marry me, not that he was actually asking for permission to marry me. Anyway, we were planning a trip for me to visit him in August 2015, but all of the sudden he called me one day telling me that he was buying a ticket for him to come here instead of me going there. I was happy that our next meeting was finally official , but also I was, indeed, a little bit sad because I really wanted to go there.
He explained to me later that he wanted to propose there, but my dad asked him to please pop the question here so my family could be part of it. 

August 14 arrived, and with that Gio too. You can watch the whole process here on our YouTube Channel. He arrived at 11pm, so we didn’t do anything besides going to sleep that night.

August 15, the best day of my life (or one of them). We decided to celebrate our 2nd anniversary the first full day together, so we planned to have breakfast at the same restaurant we shared our first kiss, and for lunch we went to one of the seafood restaurants we went during his very first trip back in 2013. Here they are, the videos showing everything we did that day.



I hope you can be part of this crazy experience 🙂
Now…the journey of the K1 FIANCE VISA starts now!

How to video call with your S.O.

A few days ago, my boyfriend and I realized that there are things we could improve in order to have a better “FaceTime date experience”.

To those in long distance relationship, having a video call is just the same as having a conversation face to face with the person you care the most. Having that said, you have to show respect and pay attention as you would give if the person were in front of you.

I hope you enjoy the video and relate. If you think we missed something, don’t be shy and let us know 🙂

Romantic date night in my room

Last week my boyfriend and I decided to scape from our routine (and arguments) and have a romantic date :). We decided to go to Olive Garden and order some take out food to eat at home and FaceTime while eating 😀

It took me 3 hours to get ready, and apparently it wasn’t enough because I called him 10 minutes late 😦 I went to Olive to pick up my order and the traffic on my way back was insane! Anyway, I called him when I got home (he was looking so good!). We were starving so we ate super fast.

Baby driving home

Baby driving home

Then he wanted to lay down and I told him that we couldn’t lay down in a “restaurant”. That’s when he started playing he was driving home. He made me laugh a lot. Specially when he “stopped” the car and said: “Baby, oh no! I forgot the keys at the restaurant”. So I drove all the way back to the restaurant, and that’s when I told him: “Baby, the keys were in the car this whole time!” Haha I wish I recorded that. Silly is good sometimes 😀

I think that cute date was necessary to refresh our relationship 🙂

I uploaded a video on my Youtube Channel to give you some ideas you and your Significant Other can try <3. If you have any other idea, don’t be shy and share it with us! I can’t wait to try new things 🙂

My boyfriend and I at Olive Garden in Florida back in July 2014. Sunday after church

My boyfriend and I at Olive Garden in Florida back in July 2014. Sunday after church

Package from an Unknown Friend

Have you ever felt lonely? When I started my long distance relationship with my online boyfriend, I felt completely lonely because I didn’t have anyone who could understand me. I was being judged all the time by everyone about my decisions and my feelings. But after starting my blog and my Instagram account, I have met wonderful people going through the same situation that I am going through.

This is how I met Brownie Mouse, first through WordPress and then we got in contact on Instagram. Last month she ran a contest on Continue reading

My boyfriend kissed Bruno Mars

(Clic aquí para leer en Español)

It was my last day at high school. All my teachers and friends were at the soccer field watching the last performances of the year (singing, choreography, etc.) I remember I had a black backpack with me where I kept all my stuff. All of a sudden, my boyfriend appeared from nowhere next to me. I got so happy! We hugged and kissed and kept enjoying the rest of the performances together. Continue reading